Is it your story?


Are you defining yourself, or are those around you casting you in a role? Perhaps they are casting you as a secondary character in the epic about their own lives. Perhaps they are casting you as a victim or villain. Perhaps someone has branded you with a type: dumb, lazy, hopeless, worthless. What is the part you are playing in your story?

Now leaving isn’t always possible. But you do have the ability to decide how you want to show up in the world. You do have the ability to step out of the type casting and assert yourself to have a starring role in your own life.

If you find yourself taking up too much stage time in someone else’s life (ie. controlling them), you have the power to step back into a more subordinate role and let them take the lead. If you find yourself having no lines or voice in your own story, or that the things you find yourself having to do or say feel like they have no place in the type of story you want to tell with your life, it’s time to rewrite the script.


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