What do you want most?


For Lincoln, it wasn’t a choice between peace and war. It was a choice between war and a divided nation. Peace would not have solved the larger issue of whether slavery should be tolerated. If he had framed the issue as a choice between peace and war, the country might look quite different now. To make a difficult decision, you have to consider what you want most, the ultimate goal, and then consider what is necessary to get there. It may be a long road to reach that goal, but if you settle along the way, you may not ever get there.



Befriend away.


It’s not particularly challenging to love people who look, act, and think just like us. The more we insulate ourselves within that group, the more we think in terms of us and them, in and out. We ‘other’ people. We see only the things we think divide us and gloss over all the commonalities.

What if we were to take a different approach?

What if we were to struggle to see from a different perspective? What if we were to build on common ground that exists between all people? What if we were to delight in our differences? What if we were to reach out our hands in kindness?

What then?