Here’s to good friends.


What a blessing good friends are in our lives! To laugh and cry with, to play and work with, to share the ups and downs of life. Our friends lift us up and delight us and make the world a much happier place for their being in it and for their loving us.

Cheers to good friends!

Be a good friend.


Friendships are taking a hit these days. Politics, world views, differing opinions are tearing people apart. What is it that holds people together instead? One thing is an abiding concern for the other person, despite your differences. If you can advocate against the death penalty on behalf of a stranger, couldn’t you bring yourself to see what is good and redeemable inside a former friend? Inside an enemy even? Searching for common ground is hard work, but really the main point of living in community. Isn’t it?

Celebrate your friendships.


Do you remember that spark of commonality that started a friendship? What was the spark? A shared passion, shared interest, shared way of looking at things, shared love? Something joined the two of you together and made you realize you were not alone in this universe, but that there was someone like you out there. And then as that friendship blossomed, shared moments helped cement the bond. Mutual concern continues to uplift you both. Trust lets you relax into the friendship and blossom. Today, celebrate your friendships. Without friendships, where would any of us be?