Eye on the goal


We can paralyze ourselves from finishing something if we aren’t careful. Even if it is something we really want to accomplish, our minds have a way of wandering into the parade of horribles that might go wrong. Or maybe we get stymied when we hit a closed door or an unexpected problem.

But our minds are also remarkably fluid and creative. If we keep our eyes on the goal and let go of our hyper focus on the things in our way, our minds have a remarkable way of showing us a new angle or insight that helps us approach the activity in a new way. We control our minds, not the other way around. So next time you keep going over and over all the obstacles, close your eyes and picture yourself surmounting them.

And then open your eyes, and get back to work.

Against the wind.


Will you go faster walking uphill or downhill, against the wind or with the wind at your back?

But which will make you stronger?

There are times in life when we can coast. And that’s fun, frankly. But when we want to get strong, we need opposition. We use weights to work out; we pick harder puzzles; we challenge better athletes; we set more complex goals; we tackle more difficult projects. This is when we progress.

Even when challenges are involuntary, we can use those opportunities to dig deep and find answers. Sometimes challenges force us to realize that we are all connected and to seek help from others knowing that, one day, we will be the one offering help. There is strength in community.

If you are struggling now, remember those times when you faced a challenge and won. You will get stronger.