Tickle someone’s funny bone.


We need to periodically take time out to laugh– for self-preservation and to enhance the quality of our lives. Things can easily get too heavy, too fraught, too dire. A good laugh can release the tension and help us to regain our balance.

To assist in the laughing department, take a look at this BBC clip ascribing voices to odd animal behavior. It’s a good one. ­čÖé


Smile! :)


When its water boils, a teapot lets off steam. What do we do when we feel like we are boiling over?

One good choice is to laugh.

In this delightful photo series of funny animal shots, it’s going to be impossible not to crack a smile. Don’t even try. ­čÖé

Laugh! :)


Need to lighten up? Does it seem like you’ve been serious and somber for a long time? One way is to immerse yourself in laughter. Go to a park, and listen to the little ones play. ┬áThink of funny jokes. Consider the absurdity of things. For help, listen to these little ones and their rip snorters.

Laugh. :)


vacationNeed to get away?

When cool tropical breezes and the gentle lap of ocean waves beckon but are not part of any realistic plan, try an alternate get-away.


Lose yourself in merriment.

Maybe you can rent a funny movie, or take turns telling the silliest jokes, or play a game that involves some degree of immaturity. Up the zany quotient. Find a way to laugh and lose yourself for a while at least in the funny.

To get you started, a joke:

You know why you never see elephants hiding up in trees?

–Because they’re really good at it.




Laughter is good for what ails you. Studies show it improves your immune system, relieves pain, helps you connect with others, and improves your mood. In stressful times, laughter can cut the tension and increase cooperation.

But, make sure what you’re laughing at is good, clean fun. If someone is the butt of the joke, you might just be adding to the stress rather than getting a much-needed break. There is a line where funny videos inspire more concern for a victim than laughter. Racist or sexist jokes may well feel more like a weapon wielded than a funny bone tickled.

So, start with a smile and then, let her rip. Laughing at jokes, a situation, yourself… may just well be what the doctor ordered