Let love blossom.


If you look for thorns, you’ll see thorns. If you look for love, you’ll see it all around you. And if you look for opportunities to make a difference, to shower people with love, and to take a stand for all that is good and right in the world, those opportunities will be there.

What opportunities do you see in the day ahead?

Be kind.


In a world of senseless violence and hate, you can make a difference.

Be kind.

In a world grieving, you can make a difference.

Be loving.

In a world angry and looking for someone to blame, you can make a difference.

Be gentle.


Who’s your neighbor?


What would the world look like if we were to actively do the things Jesus taught us: Turning the other cheek? Loving our neighbor as ourself? Loving and praying for our enemies? Welcoming the children? Feeding the poor? And so on.

To the degree that imagined reality is at odds with what we are seeing, that is where we are called to act, think, and behave differently, to close that gap.

Yes, we do not need to meet violence with violence. Yes, the whole world is made up of our neighbors, including those who don’t think and look like us. Yes, we must show compassion and concern for our enemies, love and protect our children, and use our resources to help the big picture. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Imagine what a world that would be!

What difference can you make?


Are you making a difference in other people’s lives? Sometimes we feel that our lives, jobs, gifts, opportunities are too small to make a big difference. But consider the amazing difference made by this school bus driver who crocheted a personalized toy for each of her kids.

We all can make a difference. We don’t need tons of money or an impressive job or skill.

We just need caring hearts.

What’s your problem?


Who are your heroes? Were they people who stuck their necks out on behalf of others, worked to make the world a better place, gave freely and generously of themselves? These kind of heroes make the world a better place because they are in it.

You can be a hero. It doesn’t have to be a huge thing; it can be as small as seeing someone suffering and doing something to help.

The first step, though, is the seeing.

What to do?


You want to make a difference. You want it to have mattered that you were here. But where to start? It seems like there is so much to do.

One suggestion is to examine your life and consider where you are indispensable. You may be the whole world to someone. Start there.

As you expand your circle of influence, consider your gifts and talents. Is there something you can do that no one else can do? Perhaps you are the boss and have the ability to influence the climate or policies in your workplace. Perhaps you are from a group that needs a spokesperson and you have a gift for advocacy. Perhaps you have some skills or strengths that can be put to use helping others?

How do you pick? Consider your heart– What breaks it or what makes it swell to bursting? Go there. Either way, follow your passion right into your purpose. You can’t do everything, but you can do something. And that something will make a powerful difference.