Choose truth.


We are in the midst of a slander epidemic. In today’s world, someone can publish fake news, and it can go viral, spreading around the world in an instant. People eagerly like and share derogatory information about people they don’t care for or political candidates they oppose. Companies can crumble based on the public’s wrath over a false bit of news. People’s lives can be ruined.

And what of the effect on all of us? It is to the point where we can’t trust much of anything we read unless we do our own diligence with fact checking and research.

What happened to the truth? What happened to accountability?

As with most things, the buck stops with each of us. We can’t control the world, but we can choose whether we want to further lies. Take your time before you believe what you hear. Do your research. And let your words and actions shine with the light of truth.



Read a good book lately? In this day and age of sound bites and click-baiting, alternative facts and sketchy news sources, how many of us take the time to read? Really read–sink ourselves into a novel and lose ourselves in another world, look through a different person’s eyes, experience through the pages a life and world different from our own? Studies show that reading increases our empathy. It makes us more tolerant, open, and loving people. It expands our horizons. For a great list of suggestions, go here.