Take root


Do you ever feel tossed about, disconnected, or alone? Perhaps we can learn something from the trees. Did you know that the giant Quaking Aspen forest is really just basically one tree with a single root system? Each of the trees is identical to the rest DNA-wise, all shooting up (and looking like separate trees) from the same shallow root system. Similarly, the Redwood, among the oldest living things on Earth, shares its relatively shallow root system with other redwoods and other trees. That interconnectedness is its strength and helps the huge trees withstand storms and heavy winds.

We are not meant to be isolated but thrive in community. Like the trees, when we are interconnected with others, we can rely on each other for strength when we are buffeted about by life.

Where can you put down your roots? Find that community–whether it be a group joined by faith, neighborhood, family, interests, or goals. We all need to provide support for and receive support from others.

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