Love each other.


Recently Ellen DeGeneres won a People’s Choice Humanitarian Award for the tremendous work she has done across many areas of concern: bullying, natural disasters, gay rights, and so on. Underneath each of her generous gestures lies her empathetic heart and willingness to not look away, to offer her help. In her inspiring acceptance speech, Ellen wondersWhat if there is no such thing as love, just proof of love.’ What would the world look like? What would our little corner of the world look like if it was filled with proof of love?

We may not all be able to give millions of dollars away, but each of us can approach people with kindness. We may not have a talk show, but we can each champion those without a voice. We can acknowledge the pain and suffering of others and do something to help. We can offer the encouraging word and understanding heart. We can show compassion. We can insist that, while we may not be able to stop hate, we certainly won’t spread it.

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