Look at your stuff.


Look at the stuff around you. Isn’t it neat?

Paper milled from trees, decorated, maybe even scented. Ink dispensed evenly and gently maybe with a little roller ball. Books mass printed for everyone. Glasses to help you see.

Look at the little paper clip folded around and again just so. Isn’t that clever? Where did that coffee come from? Maybe from beans grown thousands of miles away. Isn’t that amazing? What about your computer, able to connect you, literally, to any one in the world and even beyond? Maybe you’re reading this right now out and about in the world somewhere.

All these little astonishing things sitting right there on your desk or in your pocket or your glovebox.

Take a minute to be astonished.

And then treat yourself to this 3-year old’s performance of Ariel’s song above and prepare to be filled with joy and even more wonder!

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