Hang in there, Mom.

Who is the teacher, and who is the student? We learn so much from our children–patience, humility, wonder, curiosity, and our capacity for love stretches beyond anything we could have ever imagined. But sometimes, when we have misbehaving children, we face criticism and shame instead of encouragement and support. And yet, as we rise to the challenge of parenting, we learn and grow as much or more than our kids. For those of you struggling, here is a beautiful poem of encouragement:

For My Daughter

When they laid you on my belly

and cut the cord

and wrapped you and gave you

to my arms, I looked into the face

I already loved. The cheekbones,

the nose, the deep place

the eyes opened to. I thought

then this is the one I must teach,

must shape and nurture.

I was sure I should. How was I

to know you would become

the one to show me

how kindness walks in the world?

Some days the daughter

is the mother,

is the hand that reaches

out over the pond, sprinkling

nourishment on the water.

Some days I am the lucky koi,

rising from below, opening

the circle of my mouth to take it in.

by Marjorie Saiser

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