Active peace

We tend to think of peace as the absence of violence as quiet is the absence of noise, but is it more? Perhaps peace is active. It exists in the kind word offered, the refusal to meet hate with hate, the comfort of following higher principles, the strength of the outstretched hand.

It is so easy to lose, to slip into mirroring the hate and violence we see around us, to sit silent in front of a bully, to trade barbs, to slide down.

Peace is active. We maintain it in our hearts and mind. We breathe deeply to draw us back to that peaceful place.

We remember truth, honor, decency, compassion.

We breathe in the world; we breathe out heaven.

From Shari:

What steps have you taken toward peace today? Have you seen an example of active peace in the news or in your experience?


  1. Lisa Gearhart · September 29, 2020

    Today I am finding that peace is not reacting when it would be so easy to.

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    • Shari Swanson · September 29, 2020

      Yes! I think we underestimate how important it is to not take the bait when someone is provoking you. It takes a lot of self-discipline because it so much easier to respond in kind.


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