What is worth fighting for?

What is worth fighting for? Sometimes a battle is won in a courageous show of strength and derring do. A fire fighter runs into a burning building to save a child. A passerby stops to help victims of an accident. A pilot steers a damaged plane to safety.

But sometimes the battle requires showing up time after time with love, kindness, and patience. Not giving up on someone. Having faith that love will win. Believing that relationships can be salvaged.

That takes courage, too.


  1. Tina McBride Photography · December 17, 2020

    Yes, my friend. So important and well said. These days, many people run away from relationships that become mundane or unfulfilling in some way. We forget that our partner is not supposed to fulfill all our needs, but rather be a safe Haven to come home to. Our expectations of each other to be everything is unrealistic. I don’t believe that people “change”. But, I do believe that people can change their actions. I think people these days need to learn how to communicate our needs so that our partners can take action; even if they are not good at it or have to learn a new way.

    With so much available at our finger tips in this day and age, I think we forget that we are not supposed to have everything. Just the things that really matters. Peace. Security. Compassion. Patience. Forgiveness. Grace 💛

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