What do you know for sure? Are you sure?


“I don’t know.”

Why does it seem like these are such difficult words to say? With the vastness of the universe and multitude of things to know, why is it surprising that there are things we simply don’t know? Why are people afraid to say these words? More, important, why are people so insistent that they alone have all the answers? Wars are fought, friendships lost, research thwarted because people insist they know and everyone who disagrees doesn’t. Doubt is derided.

Does this make sense?

Even one of the wisest men around, the Dalai Lama, frequently pauses to say, “I don’t know.” It’s refreshing, isn’t it? That frank acknowledgement of the simple reality that there is much we just don’t know.

Not knowing stuff makes us want to learn, to research, to stretch, to consider the opinions of others, especially authorities on the subject. Not knowing is liberating. It sets us free to inquire and learn rather than puffing up in false bravado.

Only when we are free to ask questions and explore can we hope to get answers.


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