Love nature.


Once there was a man who found a penguin covered in oil, suffering, unable to move, on a Brazilian beach. He took mercy on the penguin, fed it sardines, cleaned it, and nursed it back to health. And, after 11 months, the little penguin returned to the sea.

But the following year, that penguin, Dindim, came back to the 71 year-old retired brick-layer who had saved him. And Dindim keeps coming back, traveling over eight thousand miles, to visit Mr. De Souza every year since 2011. When Dindim sees Mr. De Souza he wags his little tail and barks like a dog, settling into Mr. De Souza’s lap for cuddles and sardines. Dindim won’t let any other animals near his man.

Every year, while others of his kind are nesting, Dindim returns to Mr. De Souza who thinks of the little penguin as his child.

Every year for six years now.

What kind of miracle is this? An abiding love between a man and a penguin.  A wild animal filled with love and gratitude. Nature more complex and rich and full of mystery than we ever could have imagined.


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