Deep roots

I’ve been thinking these days about roots. Trees are toppling in the recent rains because years of drought have kept their root systems shallow. Aspen trees look like separate trees above ground, but underneath share a complex intermingled root system that gives them extra strength. That root system allows the trees closest to water or minerals to send that sustenance to other struggling trees.

It seems like for many of us, years of pandemic have functioned a bit like drought causing us to disconnect from our social interactions and to pull up many of the roots that kept us grounded. Perhaps our interconnections are weakened.

We need our roots. We need our interconnections, our community, our sense of being part of a greater whole. What can we do to send our roots deeper, even in these unusual times we find ourselves living in?


  1. We do need to feel safe to reconnect again. I think the fear part is still interfering with people’s desire to get out again. sometimes reconnecting is hard. a long pause makes us feel alone and disconnected and wonder how we will ever reconnect again. that’s how I feel, to a certain extent. the world has become a scary place compared to how it felt to me back in 2019.

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    • Shari Swanson · March 22

      I agree. For health reasons, we pulled way back from going out, and the quality of our social connections suffered. We are starting tentatively to put our roots down again and finding other ways to reach out as well.


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